Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Vancouver International Film Festival 2015

    Vancouver International Film Festival will be screening Sparrows in this years edition 
    of Cinema of Our Time.
A spectacular showcase of narrative films from around the globe, featuring both today's masters and tomorrow's visionaries.
With a selection of works from more than 30 countries—including of all the major film producing nations—Cinema of Our Time is the place to see the very best films from the leading auteurs of our time, award winners from the most prestigious film festivals such as Cannes and Berlin, and exclusive premieres of some of the most highly anticipated features that will hit cinemas next year.
"Gripping and quietly powerful, director Rúnar Rúnarsson sophomore displays a disarming emotional tenderness while never tempering its dark truths. At its heart, Sparrows is a searing story of love, loss and finding your way. But discovering your direction in life can be a trial when you’re stuck in world where you don’t belong." 

Sparrows is on the THE MUST SEE list of Montreals Van Ramblings with the grade A


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