Thursday, February 4, 2016

Scope100 winners picked by audiences

Scope100, a distribution project developed by Poland’s Gutek Film and Festival Scope, intended to rethink the acquisition and release processes for independent European films and stimulate the audience, has just announced the winning films from its partnered territories. In each country, 100 active film lovers were chosen to build the Scope100 community, watch ten carefully selected films online and vote in each country for the best one, which will then be released. Scope100 is an initiative developed in collaboration with Aerofilms (CzechRepublic),Stadtkino (Austria), Imagine (Belgium), Arthaus (Norway) and Cinefil Co (Hungary) and supported by the EU's Creative Europe Audience Development. After screening the films for a month, viewers are fully engaged in discussing and influencing marketing campaigns – trailers, loglines and bold original initiatives. Many of them offered will act as “film ambassadors”, cooperate with local media and introduce the winning film to the general public at preview screenings. Graphic designers among the audience are working on poster designs, which will be submitted to the producers, while bloggers will have an opportunity to conduct interviews with directors. The theatrical releases are planned for the coming month of June. Sparrows did well in the three countries that the film was available for. It was selected by the viewers of Norway and Hungary but where runners up in Belgium.
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